Services for your events  connects Designers, Craftsmen, Technicians, Creatives and Artists, that offer a broad range of services in the field of planning, design and execution of events in Europe.

If you need an Event-Manager, Sound/Light Engineer, Set Decorator, Camera Operator, Carpenter for Fair or Retail, or a Media Designer, we can offer you the best specialists as a team or individual who know each other personally from countless operations on show or trade fair grounds all over europe.

Do you need a team for a complete event setup or just a quick leaflet for your mailing? You are looking for a specialist for a couple of hours or a technical consultant for project development? Don’t hesistate to ask, we will find the right solution for you.

On the artistic side, we can connect you with performers like DJs, Dancers, Walking Acts or Musicians. Be inspired in your booking activities through our rich network of creative and contemporary artists.

Get in touch and fire up your imagination with all the possibilities that arise from the combination of Creativity, Technology and Experience!